There’s a popular saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you are planning on studying free tuition in Germany, chances are you have to learn the language from scratch. That is because the German language is used across universities, as well as in everyday transaction. If you want to live in the country – and actually enjoy the experience,it is important you have at a basic understanding of the oral and written language. However, there is an exception- if you are not keen on learning German, you can still study on free tuition in Germany in English. What to Study in Australia?

How to study in Germany in English

For applicants interested in studying in the country without having to learn German, there is something you need to keep in mind. Majority of universities and institutions require proof of proficiency in the German language. If you choose to avoid this path, you are losing out on a large number of potential university destinations. You will be limiting your uni search and possible school choices. Another important thing to have at the back of your mind is that those universities that actually offer classes in English may not have your preferred degree program. You may have to choose between learning a new language and getting your preferred class. Masters in Accounting in Australia

If you are sure of this decision, here are a few actionable steps you should take. The number way to study in Germany without learning German is to find a class that lectures in English. This includes English lectures, notes, and tests. In addition, you will be studying with several other international students who equally speak English.  Thus, you’ll obtain credentials from German Universities, while also adapting nicely to your new school.

Beginning your Searc

For students wanting to study in Germany in English, the first thing to do is compile a list.

  • Are there any preferred cities/regions in Germany you wish to study in?
  • What course/degree are you keen on pursuing?

It is very important you make a list of your target schools and cities. By so doing, you can research each one to see if they offer your intended degree, and if they offer it in English classes. With your ‘wish list’ at hand, you can have a more targeted approach in your research. The university’s website usually offers all the information you need to make the next decision. The points which you should focus on include:

  • Is your preferred course available in this university?
  • If yes, is it available for you to take it in English?

Carrying out a thorough research will ensure that your final decision is firm with accurate facts. This way, you will not experience disappointment or confusion when you try to enroll.

The Online Route

While there is the option to manually research your preferred German universities if the programs are in English, technology has made it bit easier for this purpose. For applicants with no solid targets when it comes to preferred cities or universities, you should give the online system a try. The website of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) would give you your options.

At DAAD, they show the available English programs for a variety of universities located all over Germany. What you have to do is to refine the search results until you can pick out a few options that fit you. You can equally choose between Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., etc. Finally set your choices for your field of study, courses, and press ‘search’. If all goes well, your preferred course and an available school (if any) will show up. Then you can begin your path to enrollment

Final Words

Researching and finding the right university for your needs can be tricky. But doing the research can lighten the process and make this important decision an easy one. Once you’ve finished selecting your schools that offer your classes in English,it is not over yet. You will be required to submit your application and wait to be notified. During this period, do well to research the basic costs of living in the area. You have to put together a budget, as well as expected expenses for the entire time you will be studying in Germany. Granted,the path to quality and world class education can be hard and complicated. But if you do the right thing and stick to your goals and do the work, amazing things can happen.


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