Are you interested in studying on low or cheap tuition in Korea, but you don’t speak Korean language? If that is the case, you can still study English programs made available by Korean universities. Please note that there are several Korean institutions that offer majority of the programs in English, and a few even offer all in the English language medium! So, let’s use this opportunity to take a look at programs that are taught in English in Korean universities and are cheap or low tuition.

List of English-Taught Programs in Korean Universities

Yonsei University is another world class institution with a separate international college for undergraduate students named Underwood International College. There are well over 16 majors and 409 courses at this institution. All of these programs are delivered in the English language medium by world class professors, so there is absolutely no need to learn Korean. Also, one fantastic thing about Yonsei University is that it is part of the “Ivy Leagues of Korea,” and the university is very popular to all Koreans and many students from surrounding countries of the world. If you are interested in studying on low tuition in Korea in English, I highly suggest Underwood International College.


Kaist is equally a very prestigious institution in Korea. It is popular for its STEM programs, which is arguably one of the best in Asia. At some point, every program, except languages, were delivered in English. Now with the election of the new President, that “rule” was abolished. However, a good percentage of programs are taught in English, and the majority of the STEM subjects are taught in English

Handong Global University

This university offers 4 majors that are lectured in the English language medium. Those majors are Global Management, US International Law, Global Convergence Studies, and Information Technology. Also, according to Frequently Asked Questions, 30% of the major courses are delivered in English. So, if you are not familiar with Korean, you can take many courses in English at Handong Global University

If you do not intend to learn Korean, I am personally recommending these three Korean institutions for their English-taught programs. Other universities do not offer the majority of classes in English, so you will have to learn Korean. So, if you would like access to different universities in Korea, I highly suggest learning Korean at different language schools.

How to Study at these English-Taught Universities

So, what’s next after you’ve learned about some of  these universities? First, you need to determine if you would like to go to these international universities in Korea. Why? Because if you do go to these universities, you might need to change your major if your major is not offered at these universities. If it is not, I recommend going to a Korean language school for a year and learning Korean.

Second, you will have to do your research about these universities and decide which ones that you will like to attend. Check if your desired major is offered, tuition fees, and scholarship information. Carefully review this information and compare with other universities.

Thirdly, once you have decided that you want to attend these programs, you will need to obtain admission information. This you can do by browsing the university website and clicking on the admission section. The university website will give you with all the information that you need to apply successfully. Do well to carefully check the important information such as admission dates, important documents, and application doc.

Finally, you will need to put your application together early and apply!

These are some of the options if you are interested in studying on cheap tuition t in Korea in English. However, there are other universities in Korea as well that accepts international students and give great scholarships to them as well.


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