Established sometime in 1995, the Woosong University offers a specialized syllabus that’s based on sensible foreign-language and advanced IT education for all major fields. The Woosong academic Foundation was founded a lot of earlier, sometime in 1954 however it was only in 1995 that it was recognized as a University. It at first started off with eight specialized departments and roughly one thousand noncommissioned students. though it’s a comparatively new institution in the Republic of Korea, it’s received huge recognition as one of the most progressive establishments within the region. On top of that, tuition fees are low and low cost for international students.

The institution has 6 Undergraduate schools including the School of Design and Information, Health and Welfare, International Studies, Railroad Transportation, Tourism and Culinary Management and Business SolBridge. In addition, it has 6 Graduate Schools that include the following:

  • School of Industrial Information
  • Department of Computer Design
  • School of Health and Welfare
  • School of Management
  • School of TESOL-MALL
  • SolBridge International School of Business

This university is on the strong foundation of Independence, morality, and Goodness. each admitted student has full access to any or all the mandatory tools and equipment, together with knowledgeable} and expert workers for an amazing academic journey. This institution is for college students who would really like to stand out not just in studies, however, excel with sound skilled knowledge of the globe.

The Woosong University additionally offers specialized education based on performance. it’s recognized as one of the leaders in academic innovation and continues to contribute massively towards the entire educational development of South Korea. it’s its philosophy and ideologies that are planted in tradition and welcomes modern tools and ways of learning. It provides worth addition for international students who would really like to continue living a lifetime of learning and enrichment.

All academic initiatives offered have a very well developed international approach. native and international students here are well ready for the future while paying utmost attention to their contemporary wants. All classroom learnings are supported healthy interactions, practical data, trade state associated an environment that supports thinking and innovation. All modern-day tools are available to facilitate the method of learning and create the process sound and significant.

Woosong University has made a global impact as an innovative platform of learning for students who want to excel in their personal and professional lives. Here you receive the chance for complete intellectual and professional growth, with the best of support and staff to facilitate your learning.


Woosung University is currently ranked 76th and 91st in Korea by 4icu and Ranking Web of Universities respectively. These rankings place the university in a middle range of universities in Korea. Not bad! But don’t judge a university based on its rankings, but consider  individual departments. You probably know that some departments are stronger than another, and some are ranked top in the nation such as its IT department and data processing departments.


The programs at Woosung University are relatively expensive but still affordable compared the universities in the UK or US,. To attend, undergraduate students are expected to pay a tuition fee of $14,000 per year, and graduate students need to pay a tuition fee of $8,000 per year. These are on top of dormitory fees, insurance fees, and food costs.


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