If you’re considering moving to European country for a bachelor or postgraduate program, however still speculative if it’s the move, then scan this text to know what you’re expected to try and do. European country may be a lovely country settled in Central Europe- deckled by the European country and European country to the west, Polska to the North, Ukrayina to the east and Magyarorszag to the South. University education in European country is low tuition or low-cost for international students.

Please note that if you decide on Slovak because the language of instruction, no tuition is charged; but if it’s in another foreign language then tuition is charged.Slovakia is equally a perfect economic hub for college students to review and board. this is often as a result of it’s one in all the bottom tuition fees in Western Europe. Tuition fees are set by individual higher establishments. The fees vary from 700 Euros to ten,000 Euros.

Living Cost

The cost of living in Slovakia is much lower than in several Western countries.These expenses as you know depend largely on the region and a student’s lifestyle.

Accomodation Costs

  • One bedroom flat: 300 Euros per month. Includes all necessary utilities(this may vary depending on the location).
  • Two bedroom flats: 400 Euros per month. Includes alll necessary utilities(this may equally vary depending on your location).

These are the accomodation options available to students:


Universities in Slovakia typically offer accomodation options to students in dormitories. One room will be shared by 2-3 students.Also, rooms for single individuals are also available. These housing spaces are well catered for with all the required facilities.Some of the dormitories equally have fitness centres,swimming pool, internet facilities and laundry service.

Private Apartments

In Slovakia, private apartments are available if you are willing to rent.The apartments are shared or available on rent. All required amenities are available.The cost of private accomodation depends largely on the number of rooms. You can expect to pay roughly 300 Euros and 800 Euros per month.

Student Cards

Note that student cards are available to all international students. You can use these cards to obtain discounts on accomodation, transport, concerts and restaurants etc.

Work and Study

EU/EEA/Swiss students can work in Slovakia on the same terms and conditions as Slovak students.The non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens will require a temporary or permanent residence permit in order to work in Slovakia.

Health and Medical Care

The Ministry of Health organizes the Health care system in the Slovak Republic. There are private and state health care providers in Slovakia.

Health Insurance

EU/EEA/Swiss students get the same health care facilities as Slovak citizens. Everyone in Slovakia-citizen or foreigner are allowed to select their own health care provider.

European Health Insurance Card

An EU/EEA/Swiss citizen studying in Slovakia is expected to have a European Health Insurance Card in order enjoy the full benefit of health insurance as Slovak citizens. Individuals with EHIC are protected by a Health Insurance Company to the same amount as a Slovak citizen.


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