1. Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)

As one of the biggest tertiary and analysis institution in Vietnam, the Vietnam National University in Hanoi includes a special place within the Vietnamese government. It was reorganized sometime in 1993 and reports directly to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, and the Prime Minister is in charge of some of the programs and personnel of VNU.

Because of their close bond with the Prime Minister, the VNU works directly with the governmental bodies of Vietnam, and also work with various departments of the country.

Because of their wide selection of programs, you have to search carefully for your program after clicking on the link above. Then, you find the tuition fee by clicking on the program that you are interested in.

2. The Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (BK)

The first institution that we discussed was the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, and the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is also called the Vietnam National University. Due of their similar names, the VNU had to add Hanoi at the last part of their name to distinguish it, and the BK had to change it to the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

Additionally, the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology holds accreditations on their programs, and it is recognized by the US, Australia, Asian, and European countries. Setting a high standard for education, the BK is one of the leading universities in the country of Vietnam.

3. The University of Danang (UD)

Established is 1994, the University of Danang specializes in engineering, technology, economics, education, and foreign languages. Providing thousands of graduates that specialized in one of these fields, the UD have a significant impact on society, and they continue to influence their country today.

Because of the specialized model, the programs of UD are internationally recognized, and the research centers of UD are world class built to withstand intense and heavy research. Because of their renown programs, the graduates of UD are constantly recruited by national and international organizations, and they continue to excel in in their respective fields.

4. Ho Chi Minh City International University (HCMC)

Many universities compose one huge university which is called the Vietnam National University. The Vietnam National University is one, and the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is the second. The total numbers of universities in the Vietnam National University are six, and this International University is the third.

One of the interesting facts of HCMC is that it is the first public university in Vietnam that uses English as their primary language in teaching and also in researching. Because of their collaboration with the Vietnam National University, the HCMC also offers accredited courses that can be used at US, Australia, Asian, and European countries.

5. RMIT University

Providing high-quality tertiary education in their undergraduate and graduate programs, the RMIT University is a college that adequately meets the demands of modern students. Providing a liberal arts approach, the teachers at RMIT University does not simply give their answers, but they make their students think through the problems.

Combining the interactions with their peers and with their teachers, the students at RMIT is highly interactive, and they experience the real-life environment before going out to work or to teach. Because of their graduates, RMIT University is a renowned cheap or low tuition university that has partnerships with many other universities worldwide.


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